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LTW is a network dedicated to the development of Writers in the Luxury Travel Industry.

Luxury Travel Writing

What is Luxury Travel Writing?

Luxury Travel Writing is a private network exclusively for members.  It is a meeting place for travel writers, copywriters and content writers in the luxury travel industry.

We’re here to help you develop a professional writing portfolio, get free luxury travel perks, prosper financially and become location independent.

We offer training, resources, coaching, events, retreats, and more!

Join a fun, active network where writers support and advise each other as they pitch, write, and publish in the luxury travel industry.
Beginners to Professionals - all are welcome.

The LTW network is a private gathering space, and has four basic purposes:

  • To provide instruction and training for those interested in writing for the luxury travel industry.
  • For members to meet other writers and get support and encouragement as they pursue a professional reputation.
  • To create together a large collection of stories, experiences, and practical ideas for writers.
  • To navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google) 

Hi!  My name is Camille Miller, and I'm the host of the LTW network.  I believe that personal perspective can be just as powerful as instruction, assignments, and contests.  Share your story with us!

Community Guidelines

We're excited to hear about your writing adventures.  We want to support your goals, and celebrate your wins!  And of course, if you have questions or challenges, you won't find a richer resource than this diverse community of ambitious, creative souls.

Everyone should feel free to post a link to their work, website, and social media in their personal profile. Our weekly Check In provides a place for writers to share their current projects and links to recently published work.

Work With Us

All promotional suggestions and educational materials must go through the Host.  If you believe you have an offer that fits the purpose of the site, please contact cmiller@luxurytravelwriting.com with your proposal.

We often post opportunities for our writers to cover specific luxury destinations, services, activities, tech, or gear.  If you would like to work with us, please contact cmiller@luxurytravelwriting.com with your proposal.

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